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We all suffer from them from time to time , they can be a slight throbbing feeling all the way up to a severe migraine. So knowing some of the tips that will help you when you have a headache on the go is most useful. On this post is a very cool info graphic that has a couple of things that you can try that may help alleviate the pain and over all help you maintain these migraine headache.  Headaches come in all sizes and pain levels so we have to find what works best for us when we get them . If you are a person that has a migraine all the time maybe to need to consult your doctor to make sure that there isn’t anything else going on in the body.

By W. Snow


Tension Headache Treatment

All people at some point want to relax and get some rest, but due to work load and fear of losing job, they are not able to do so, and in present day time its impossible to survive without a job. The chances of tension headaches increase as persons reach the age of forty. In addition, these headaches most often occur in women. Even so, a tension related headache may occur in either sex and at almost any age. When struck with a tension type headache, people can faint instantly and they need to see doctor instantly. There are two types of headaches, the first one is the primary headache, which is the natural headache, and can happen from any kind tension. The second type of tension is secondary, which is often from the drugs.

For one, how would you know if it really is stress headache that you’re experiencing? Apparently, aside from the pain you will feel around your head, this condition manifests through a headache that begins at the back of one’s head that eventually spreads out. It is also a different kind of pain, mostly squeezing, as if there’s a tight band around the head. With it also come pains in one’s shoulders, neck, and jaw that may cause sleeping difficulties.


Now, if that’s what you are experiencing, then it is tension headache that you’re suffering from. From this, you can now start looking for good tension headache treatment that you need.  So what are the symptoms of tension headaches? Mostly, people will feel pain in the forehead even all the way down to the back of the neck. It is like someone’s hands are on both sides squeezing the life out of the person or the world is slowly caving in.

A tension headache can happen to anyone because it strikes without any warning. There are a lot of things that could have triggered this aside from stress such as the side effects of medication being taken to poor eating habits. Three of the muscles belonging to the suboccipital group at the base of the skull are likely responsible for many cases of tension headache; these muscles are the rectus capitis posterior major, rectus capitis posterior minor and the obliquus capitis superior. All three muscles attach to the skull; the first two connect to the topmost cervical vertebrae in the neck, and the third connects to another muscle in the neck.

The treatment for tension headaches can be as varied as the triggers that cause them. Some people may find that over the counter medications, such as aspirin, are helpful, while others may find that non-medication forms of therapy, including stress management, acupuncture, meditation and biofeedback is the more beneficial route. Those afflicted may also find that just discovering the triggers of tension headaches – tiredness, anger, hunger – and avoiding them may prevent tension headaches altogether.
For tension headaches that are chronic, continually popping up, treatment can only be achieved with the diagnosis of the underlying cause of the headaches. These underlying causes may be anxiety, depression, or something else not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Tension headaches are annoying, but generally nothing to worry about. This is ironic since the very act of worrying is often their cause to begin with. However, headaches not caused by tension may be a symptom of something serious. Therefore, it’s important that someone with constant bouts of headaches visit a medical professional and get a proper diagnosis.


By Willow Snow

Symptom Of Headache

symptom of headacheLearning the symptom of headache give you the chance to maintain your habits they may help you to avoid a migraine. Changing your life is a long process, but there is no doubt that headaches are a lifestyle symptom. Headaches can be caused by stress, environmental factors or even by certain foods. It is important to isolate what causes your headaches. A good way to do this is the keep a diary. For every headache you should write down where you where, the environment (hot, cold, office, dinner party, etc) and also what you had eaten that day or the night before. Eventually a pattern will emerge – don’t expect to see this after just a couple of headaches it can take a while.

Primary headaches are not the result of a secondary health condition, but are headaches all unto themselves. Secondary headaches are the consequence of some secondary medical ailment such as infectious disease, head trauma, or even a brain tumor. Tension headaches fall into the primary category. Roughly 90% of all headaches are categorized as primary.

Migraine attacks also belong to this category and are the second most common type of headache, affecting over 30 million individuals in the United States. It has additionally been projected that approximately 3 out of every 4 headaches is tension-type and that in excess of 90% of all adults in the U.S. have experienced the pain of tension headache symptoms.

Such headaches experienced by people who have migraine are often due to the dilation of the temporal artery. The temporal artery releases chemicals to the nerves that surround it, which signals the pain receptors. This is the reason why pain is felt. Depending on the pain threshold of the person, the migraine headache symptoms would vary.

Actually, there are different stages for the occurrence of headache symptoms of migraine. There are some people who would see some flashing of lights before they experience the stabbing or throbbing headache caused by migraines. There are also some people who would even vomit or experience abdominal discomforts aside from the unbearable headache that they are suffering from.

Once the migraine headache begins, there are additional symptoms. The headache is confined to one side of the head, and is characterized by throbbing, usually in the temples. Persons can then go on to experience nausea or vomiting. Studies have shown that this may result in part, because of a condition known as gastric stasis. This is a slowing down of gastric activity, or a delayed emptying of the stomach.

Alongside this is photophobia, or abnormal sensitivity to light. This makes migraine sufferers unable to tolerate light of any sort, if they are exposed to light at all, then the headache becomes more acute. Acute sensitivity to any kind of sound is also a common symptom of migraines. To the person with a migraine, a slight sound seems decibels higher than it really is, and is magnified beyond measure. Some sufferers have likened it to nails being pounded in their heads.


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Can Exercise Cause Migraines

Can Exercise Cause Migraines







Can exercise cause migraines? Yes, It can exercise can aid in headache relief, there are a wide variety of headache types with even more causes, so a list of headache relief cures that will work for any type of headache is just not possible. But there are some headache relief measures that will work to relieve or at least diminish the pain caused by all headaches.

The best way to have headache relief is to prevent them. Make sure you are not skipping any meals and are eating enough protein. Going on a diet and eating less calories will always cause headaches for the first few days.You can try exercising your neck muscles. This will surely relieve the tension you experience during a headache and will stimulate the blood flow to this part of the body. You can rotate your head clockwise and then anticlockwise slowly. Another exercise requires you to straighten your back, face forward and lean your head to the right and then to the left attempting to touch your shoulder with you ear. Pulling your chin towards your neck is a super effective exercise.

Migraine headaches occur as muscles at the sides of the neck get excessively tense. While no conclusive theoretical explanation exists as to why alleviating that tension ends migraine headaches, that fact has consistently been observed. One possible explanation for migraine headaches is that the major blood vessels that go into and come from the head pass under and around those muscles. Within those blood vessels are pressure-sensors (baroreceptors) that enable the brain to regulate the blood pressure of the head. When the overlying muscles of the neck contract, they squeeze these blood vessels; the resulting change in blood flow affects the pressure sensors, causing abnormal regulation of blood pressure in the brain. That is, as I say, one possible explanation.

There is no science that shows that exercise has a direct hand in preventing migraines, however there is science that tells us that it has an indirect effect. You see, exercise has been proven to reduce stress, and stress has been pinpointed as a cause of migraine headaches. Exercise also improves the circulation, which brings more oxygen to all of the cells in the body, and actually helps to keep the blood vessels open. Tightening blood vessels have also been proven to contribute to migraine headaches.

In order to reduce your migraine attacks, you must perform moderate exercise every day.  If you are taking martial arts classes of any kind, it is recommended that you attend these classes daily instead of attending them once a week. Certain Martial Arts like Krav Maga are designed for the Elite and are hence strenuous.For those who suffer from frequent migraines, “trigger” is a familiar word. We have been told that there are certain food triggers that may precede migraine pain.If you want to lose weight while helping to ease your headaches take a look at the garcinia cambogia review.

Some of the more familiar triggers include alcohol and foods that contain tyramine, sodium nitrate or phenylalanine. Some examples of these foods include chocolate, processed meats, peanut butter and certain aged cheeses. In addition to the specific items, a diet high in fat and low in fruits and vegetables can also have a negative effect. For instance, fasting or dehydration can make migraine pain worse or increase frequency. Research is inconclusive as to the effects of diet and exercise on migraine pain. However, for anyone who has ever dealt with the debilitating pain associated with this type of ailment, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.






Acute Treatment Of Migraine

acute treatment of migraineWhen you are suffering  from migraine headaches and need an acute treatment of migraines there are a few things you should know. What is most important in determining what can work for you, is confirming that your headache is in fact a migraine headache. Once you have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, you will then have to be educated on the treatment options

This might require a trip to your physician to rule out any other causes for your head pain. There are excellent treatments available these days for most migraine headaches, and determining the cause or trigger giving you a migraine headache is mandatory in choosing which treatment option to go with. Migraine headaches can cause very severe pain and can last for several hours to even days.
When learning about a acute treatment of migraine headaches and  it is up to you to make sure you have done everything you can in order to treat or alleviate your migraines headache now and in the future . So this means finding out all you can about your self and what triggers are causing these headaches. An Acute treatment for migraines will be successful if you are able to identify when you are developing an episode and can start your treatment immediately following the onset.

It is a fact that everyone would like to prevent migraine headaches and this is another important treatment option. This would entail taking preventative medications, or even avoiding triggers you know bring on a migraine. Instituting lifestyle changes or taking prophylactic medications can work in order to prevent migraine headaches.


Below are a few acute treatment of migraine that my help temperately


  • Rest in a dark, quiet place
  • Try not to drink a alot of caffeine
  • Use a cold compress to the area of pain
  • Drink sufficient water. At times, migration attacks are a cause of dehydration as well
  • Daily medications may be necessary to reduce the occurrence and intensity of migraines.

These migraine treatments may be well used as self-induced efforts to lessen migraines. However, doctor’s help is still necessary to ensure that the person is on the right track and does not make the body resistant to lower dosages of self-medication. When the body has become resistant to medicines due to regular intakes, the person may need to take higher dosages and may risk other complications. Preventive treatment for migraine is administered even if the headache is not present. This is aimed at reducing the occurrence and severity of the migraine attack. If one can be able to make the acute attacks responsive to abortive therapy it will greatly improve the patient’s quality of life.

Acute treatment of migraine vary and different people have different reaction to migraine treatments. Some treatments may in fact increase headache pain for a number of sufferers. As a matter of fact, various treatments, which aid in the aura phase, worsen the headache if used during the pain stage, and vice versa. Caffeine like some various drugs work akin to this. Some cures may possibly have no effect to some people.


By Joy Spring