Neck Headache Symptoms

Having a stiff neck headache is not something that the medical world believes to be serious , but it seems that a growing number of people are suffer from this form of a headache more and more . Doctors  term this as a cervical spasm, it is believe to occur when you ether sleep the wrong way or are overly stressed and tighten the muscles in your neck . If this is a problem that you seem to be having frequently then it is recommended that you see a doctor about this. There are also some serious diseases associated with stiff neck headache; for example, meningitis and high blood pressure. So until you find out it really can be anything so go to the doctor .!

So in order to help solve this problem lets look at some of the possible cause. First , look at how you sleeping could there be to many pillows or just to much stuff in general on your bed and if thats the case then you may want to clean off some of the junk before you get some shut eye. Second , maybe it could the stress of the everyday . For that I would say try and find some thing that will help you relax , from soft music to even working out what ever it is that you enjoy doing do it . I may seem crazy at first but if you stick with it every thing will start to fall in line.

Below is a great Infographic check it out and hopefully it helps.

neck headache symptoms

By Willow Snow






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